Northern lights in Google Earth

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Spanish ain't what it used to be and I can't seem to find a kml/kmz file for it (its available at the blue GE button on the bottom of the post), but this seems to be a neat cyberspace-outerspace mashup: Aurora Borealis in Google Earth.

See the video here below:


MarĂ­a said...

Hi Alexander,

it's my blog :)

There's a link to download the file for Google Earth right under the video, the little blue square after "Que os guste" (=Spanish for 'I hope you like it')

I hope you like it, by the way, it's a great NASA piece of work :)


Alexander said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the update. I never could speak any Spanish so I don't think I would have found it ;) It takes a while to load but it is indeed a very nice one! I still have some dropped frames (ie non-loaded images) but thats actually quite nice as an artefact. Here again I notice the stars moving in the background...I wonder how accurate that is.

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