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Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A new ad campaign for KPN mobile here in Amsterdam gives a (creative) hint at what's coming with Location Based Services (LBS). Tagline (free translation):

KPN MobileatHome : within 100m around your house, mobile calling at the rate of a landline.
How about free calling within 100m around the ad display?

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Zapa said...

Interesting though from my knowledge the technology used by operators, so far, is a cell-ID technology which does have an accuracy much lower than 100 meters. O2 Genion, T-Mobile @Home and Vodafone ZuHause have launched these type of services and due to the lack of accuracy they are seeing large revenue leakages, ie: the zone around the house is very large and people benefit from fixed price far away from their home.
I am not very familiar with the Dutch market but maybe KPN is in a competitive market which "encourages" them to release something even if it destroy some of the mobility value add.

Frank Zapa said...

You are right - cell-ID is the worst location techniology to use for something like HomeZone - the revenue leakage must be HUGE for these services.

Good point. Maybe something could be organised with a Wifi access point, but that doesn't have the same feel as true free mobile phone calling. I would love to see people flocking around such a large ad display though. Even better would be if the free reception could be set up in a ring between 90m and 100m from the ad...;) I believe there is a TV commercial that goes with this ad campaign which shows people making large circles.

Here is the TV commercial (thanks Job): KPN mobiel. The campaign is done by Lowe NL.

Btw, guess the 'easiest' way to implement free calling around the ad is to monitor GPS position and substract costs later based on location of calling costs...GPS has good enough resolution, possibly even for a ring-sized free calling zone

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