The Internet of things out there

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2006


Doing some online research, I suddenly remember reading a fairly recent and interesting NASA Technical Memorandum (April 2004) on the thinking about the Interplanetary Communications Architecture and how it is to be developed. Ties in with earlier stories such as the Interplanetary Internet Project, which later went dormant and changed to the Delay Tolerant Network Research Group according to this wikipedia entry on Interplanetary Internet. Above image is taken from the NASA Computing, Information, and Communications Technology Program brochure where a project is described to:

"design the Interplanetary (or Solar System) Communications and Sensor Network. (page 10)

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The future is process, not a destination
Bruce Sterling

Everything is ultimately becoming information technology
Ray Kurzweil

Data is the Intel inside
Tim O'Reilly

There is only one machine and the web is its OS
Kevin Kelly

The medium is the message
Marshall McLuhan

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